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Since its inception in 2016, American Grime has served as more than a stateside bastion for the UK Bass scene, but as a steady finger to the pulse of a global community. a community that has seen the rise of grime in countries spanning the globe.

Names like Pakin and Joe the Freakshow have established themselves among those who lead their country in the genre. Catalyzed by the rise of soundsystem culture, the grime scene in America has been fighting for its spot on the world’s stage.

Now, through the eyes of the AG collective, we present AGHQ. a photo based storybook from the perspective of artists examining the artistry of the creatives who drive their respective industries.

This magazine strives to elevate and encapsulate the moments that have led to memories. To old friends and new family, we aim to bring you the culture through photo sets, artist spotlights, crew spotlights, intimate interviews, and unique insights into the world of art that we have created together.

This is the collaboration of time, effort, love, energy, and passion.

This is American Grime.


Calvin Cyrus
Known best as his musical alter-ego, MC Jumanji or Ju, Calvin Cyrus is a professional photographer and graphic designer that takes the craft to the next level. With custom filtering adjustments and a personal touch to photo editing, his final products are moving and able to capture a moment in time forever.

Sergio Mendes
Sergio Mendes is the label manager and co-founder of American Grime. He handles logistics for the collective and streamlines tasks for all things AG, including merchandise, bookings, local showcases, radio shows, magazine editorials, artist tours, etc.

Timothy Baptista
Timbo slice is the poster boy for putting in work. He burst onto the grime scene in recent years and has grown into a powerhouse creative. He knows his history, and brings a raw energy that is often hard to put into words.

Steven Sgueglia
Steven Sgueglia is a photographer from the great state of Maine. He goes by the alias Shutter Sauce. The real goal is to capture the moments and true emotions that can last a lifetime. I myself was a DJ in the scene for a spell before I unfortunately had a heart attack and found out that I had a medical
condition that kept me out of the spot light, so I urged myself to still keep a piece of my soul in the community by offering my photography services.

Vincenza Sorrentino
Vincenza Sorrentino is a Miami-born photographer and DP. Over the last 10 years she’s worked in front and behind the camera as a director, writer, and interviewer for productions in the music, tech, and gaming industries.

Michael Savant
A passion born in the streets of Boston in the late 90s, carried to early raves, skateparks and abroad there has never been a moment where he hasn’t had a camera readily available. As creator of still, moving and digitally generated imagery Michael Savant is a professional artist and a passionate documentarian of the world around him who’s works can be found in print, the occasional gallery and all over the digital realm.