Mikey Miele, better known as MYTHM, is a Dubstep and experimental bass music producer hailing from Vancouver, Canada who has quickly become a rising talent within the electronic music scene. Taking inspiration from genres: Dubstep, Grime, Drum and Bass, Hip-hop and more, the Canadian artist has helped fortify the growth of Dubstep and bass music with his forward thinking productions since the inception of his project in 2019.

The sounds of MYTHM consist of a mesmerizing blend of eerie atmospheres, rupturing basslines, hefty percussion, swift vocal chops and hypnotic melodies. Incorporating both analog and modular gear into his sound design, Miele is no stranger to experimentation and uses hands-on hardware to create otherworldly soundscapes and audible distortions. MYTHM has released his work on respected labels such as Artikal Music UK, Deadbeats, Deep, Dark & Dangerous, Wormhole, Wheel and Deal Records and has received support from the likes of renowned producers: J:Kenzo, Truth, Zed’s Dead, N-Type, Liquid Stranger, and Peekaboo, to name a few.

Miele has caught the attention of many with his consistent, quality releases and high energy live performances which have taken him to major music festivals like Shambhala, Lost Lands, Lightning In a Bottle, Infrasound and Beyond Wonderland. Riding this momentum, MYTHM leaves no room for stagnancy as he lives for the endless possibilities and boundaries that have yet to be pushed.

The Interview
By Calvin Cyrus

What is Mythm and why did you choose that as a moniker?
It’s a name I made up. I took the word “myth” and added an “m” to the end of it because “m” is the first initial of my first and last name.

What influenced your musical tastes early on? How did you get into bass music?
I grew up listening to a lot of old school hip-hop like Nas, Atmosphere, Mobb Deep and then go into electronic music later on with artists like Deadmau5, Skrillex and The Bloody Beetroots. My older brother got me into bass music and then going to Shambhala and Bass coast in 2017 solidified my love for it.

Touring can take a lot out of artists. How do you handle being on the road and how does it affect your relationships with friends and family?
Honestly, I enjoy being busy and on the go. I got used to the tour life pretty damn quick. Being on the road has blossomed a lot of new relationships for me so I’m very thankful to be able to do it. I obviously miss my family a lot, but I see them when I go back home, so it doesn’t affect much. It’s healthy and refreshing for me to be seeing the world after being stuck at home for two years during the pandemic in Canada.

You’ve been cranking out a lot of music lately. What’s a typical production day like for you? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Wake up, make a new beat or continue working on something I need to finish. I usually work on music in the afternoons, but it all really depends on how I’m feeling that day. Sometimes I like to work at night too. If I’m working in the day I make sure to take a break and do something active or just go outside and relax then get back to business. I draw inspiration from other genres of music like UK Grime, Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass.

Can you tell us about a goal you set for yourself and what you did to achieve it?
A goal for me was getting on any major label that I signed a release with. In order to do that I focused, kept my head down and got my music into the hands of the right people and made the right connections.

We love to ask about where music has taken artists. What passport stamps have you earned from your tunes?
To be honest, nowhere crazy yet. Haven’t played anywhere outside of North America, but definitely planning some things in the future to change that.

What new projects are you working on and with who? Spill the tea!
My debut album is done so that’s very exiting. As well, I’ve been working on collaborations with one of my favourite producers from France, Monty. Shoutout the France crew!

What do you think of underground music becoming more mainstream thanks to the growth of festival culture?
I think it’s an awesome thing to see. Tiesto playing Drum and Bass on EDC main stage is wicked. I’m all for the culture growing. There will always be the “heads”, but it’s nice to see other crowds enjoy something a little bit different than they’re used to.

Anybody you want to shout out?
My manager Blake and my agent Mike for believing in my vision and being incredibly fun and easy to work with. It’s so important to find a team of people that you connect with and can trust.

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