Black Carl!

All eyes are on Black Carl! as he bursts out of the fertile Birmingham bass scene. A stacked release plan is in the works for 2023 as he racks up major club and festival plays. Even bigger tour plans are slated for this year as scores of shows line up around his infectious stage presence.

Carl Bell has won over fans from coast-to-coast (and soon, internationally) with a blend of hard-hitting beats and raw showmanship. Bell’s not happy until the fans are as sweaty as his ubiquitous stage towels. Nobody works harder to capture a crowd and draw them into his explosive sound.

Black Carl!’s duo, Integrate, with fellow Birmingham based act VCTRE, is on a parallel trajectory, garnering just as much attention as its solo projects, thanks in no small part to the dynamism and chemistry of two best friends sharing the music they love. New music from his projects are queuing up in advance of a breakout year.

The Interview
By Calvin Cyrus

Why did you choose the name Black Carl?
It was kind of a nickname I acquired in high school and I just thought it was hard. There was a White Carl and a Black Carl.

You make bass music, but everyone’s journey to the stage is different. Tell us about your journey to becoming Black Carl!
I actually started out shooting to make riddim music, but I found electronic music at a younger age. I found Camo & Krooked and the rest was history. I was hooked! I started going to shows in my local area, then that progressed to going out of state for shows. Then I started going to festivals, I saw Skrillex and was like “I wanna do this!”

Durag or not, your head top is a part of your aura. What are your hair goals?
I am currently starting my loc journey. I’m wearing the durag cause I’m nervous, lol.

You have a project called Integrate with VCTRE! How did that collab start?
VCTRE and I are from the same town, so it kinda just happened naturally. We have been making songs together for a while, while we were both fairly new to producing bass music. Then we made a song called “Do It Live” and we just kept making songs together. Ultimately deciding to turn it into a project of its own!

You also have the project Rush Hour with Saka. How do you think these collabs push you as an artist?
It pushed me as an artist cause of the deadline we had for it. Those songs were made pretty quickly, tbh. Also, while having to do it while on tour. Yea, that was a challenge.

Are there any new projects you have up your sleeve? If not, who would you love to hop on stage b2b with?
Nah, got enough on my plate as it is for right now. But dream b2bs are Peekaboo, Skope, Reso, Coki, Skrillex, Camo & Krooked, & Mefjus.

What label are you most closely associated with?

Are there any dream labels for your future releases?
Dream release is Modus, Camo & Krooked’s new label. Also, I would love to release on Memory Palace, Of The Trees’ new label. also Vision Recordings.

Last year was huge for you, from festivals to huge shows. What’s on your plate for 2023?
So far, Electric Forest, Sub Docta’s Tour and Of The Trees’ tour, which we just finished up. also Red Rocks as Integrate in April.

What was your favorite city that you’ve visited recently? Any dream destinations for you?
I always have a good time in Charlotte, NC and honestly St. Pete FL just took the cake. I want to go to Japan SO BAD!

Your song Mixed Signals has garnered acclaim from fans and fellow artists, alike. Talk to us about what that song means to you and what it‘s like to see something you’ve created get such positive attention.
I wrote that song when I was going through some kinda of emotional heartache. So, that songs means a lot to me and It reminds me to push through sadness and negativity. It’s dope to see something I made out of sadness pop off. Its almost like I should get heartbroken more.

If you could give advice to a new dj or producer to help them along their journey, what would it be?
Make genuine connections, and keep making beats and progressing as an artist.

Rank your top 3 fast food French fries!

  1. McDonalds
  2. Wendys
  3. Jacks (Alabama thing)

Anyone you wanna shout out?
VCTRE, cause that’s my dawg and I love him to death!

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